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We provide tailored solutions for personal and commercial telematics applications. Vehicle & Fleet Monitoring systems, Vehicle Anti-theft systems, Home & Office security systems and other M2M information exchange applications.

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Fleet Vehicle Tracking

With powerful insights & analytics, improve fleet visibility, reduce fuel & maintenance costs, driver violations & accidents and also Improve regulatory Compliance

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel costs account for the largest part of fleet operating costs. Reduce your fuel costs and efficiency by up to 30%.

Monitor in real-time fuel consumption, refills, and thefts.


Cold Chain

Remotely monitor & control in real-time the Temperature, Light intensity and Humidity,  of refrigerated goods while reducing the risk of cargo damage or spoilage.


Home & Office Security Systems

We offer top-of-the-line CCTV products, access control, intrusion detection, and central station monitoring services to complement any system or application for homes & businesses

Heavy Equipment

The high value of heavy and construction equipment makes them targets for theft and exploitation. Bill your customers based on actual engine hours worked.

Driver Behavior & Coaching

Your drivers are a very valuable asset. Monitor driver behavior and promote safe driving with instant alerts and driver scorecards of speeding, fuel usage and maintenance costs

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Our technologies have been proved and tested on the market internationally.


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Checkout How the eMobiliser Works

This video  features a walk through on how our Car anti theft emobilizer is installed into a car to avoid unauthorized users from starting and driving away with your car. Just because a car is securely locked doesn’t mean a thief cant get into it, rather its safer to know that even with a thief able to get into your car, they are not able to start it without a password.

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