Fuel Monitoring

Fuel being an important and expensive resource, requires efficient management. Unmonitored vehicles are left vulnerable to fuel theft and waste.

Get visibility into the current fuel level, with alerts in case of refuel and fuel theft. Comprehensive mileage reports allow you identify poor fuel consuming vehicles and also correct poor driving behavior. This will lower your fuel costs significantly to up to 30% and fuel waste & theft will be a thing of the past

Real-time Insights in Fuel Level and Consumption: You can monitor and analyse fuel refilling and consumption per vehicle or entire fleet.

Get alerted on refuel and drain: You cannot trust the fuel vouchers/bills from your drivers because they are easy to manipulate. You need a clear idea about fuel refill volume, time of refill and where it was refilled.

Fuel Reports/Charts: Generate simple and yet meaningful reports and charts that help you understand and analyse fuel information to facilitate your decision making.