Driver Behavior & Coaching

Get the power to track and record unsafe behaviors such as speeding, sharp cornering, aggressive acceleration, and harsh braking in a clearly visualized dashboard and reports. Everything you need to create a culture of driver safety for your organization is at your fingertips.

In-Vehicle Feedback: Give your drivers real-time performance alerts through in-cab buzzer warnings. This warns drivers when they are approaching a violation threshold, such as exceeding a speed limit or aggressive acceleration

Measure Behavior: Identify and measure the cause of unsafe driving habits. Our driver behavior analytics grade each driver by behavior and provide violations reports based on speeding, aggressive braking and acceleration. Driver performance grading will help to create friendly competition and motivation for your drivers as they keep safety in mind.

Personalised Driver Training: By using telematics data, we can implement a driver training program that is customised and targeted to each driver basing on specific behaviors.